I'm working on a project concerning how Asian doctors learn, which is my Master's project.

Immigrant Asian doctors in Australia face particular challenges in learning how Medicine is practised in Australia, and passing Australian examinations. Passing those examinations is key to obtaining permanent residency in Australia for many of these doctors, so these are very high stakes examinations.

My past work has been as a small member of a team, working on the (Australian) National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP) and a clinical trial on the utility and financial worth of point of care testing (POCT)

Academic Writing

Academic writing is a subset of my writing skills.

My latest writing task, in October 2015, is proof-reading and editing a Computer Science thesis.

Professional Development

My professional development is compulsory for reregistration. My college, ACRRM, was one of the first in Australia to demand professional development as a condition for remaining a Fellow.

Each three years we have to complete a variety of tasks. These are an Advanced Life Skills course, Reflective learning activities and other activities. I usually obtain sufficient points in the first year to complete my triennial needs, except for the Advanced Life Skills which I complete in the third year. I have a personal policy of not attending drug company sponsored meetings.

This year, the second year of the current trienneum, I have completed learning with my Masters course in Medical Education, National Prescribing Service modules, College conference attendance, study and preparation for providing education much of which is arranged by RVTS, and my participation in a large email group of doctors which discusses ethical, medical and other topics.

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