Teaching Competency

There has not been a system of formal appraisal for Medical Educators within CCCGPT. For the purposes of the Teaching Practicum course I have been required to obtain a number of reviews of my teaching.

Lecture Reviews

Here are two reviews I requested for a lecture on Examination Theory.

Expert Evaluation

Peer Evaluation

In reflection upon these reviews I believe that I made adequate preparation of the topic, but require more practice in delivery, so that I would not rely on the use of the podium and be able to vary my voice to add to the presentation.

Here are two self-evaluations of teaching a small group.


The lecture material is here.


The lecture material is here.

Teaching Visit Reviews

Here is a peer review of the written record and an audio recording of an External Clinical Teaching Visit

and an expert review of a second External Clinical Teaching Visit

A lot of my teaching work has been one on one teaching, and I wished to arrange review of this sort of teaching. As I am a third person in a consulting room, it would not be possible to add a fourth physical person to 'review the reviewer“ and I chose to record the interactions between patients, thus sidestepping the major problem of patient confidentiality and consent.

These reviews were complex to organise. I had initially planned video recording. On the first visit I had difficulty placing the camera appropriately, and only the learner was visible in the video. On the second visit the camera which had a tripod failed, and I had to use my phone to record the video but could not place the phone anywhere where useful video could be recorded. I extracted the audio from the video files with either FFmeg or Audacity.

I then had difficulty arranging reviewers for this material. One reviewer declined to comment because of the mismatch between the review form and the actual material, another could not play an mp3 file, and could not source technical assistance at short notice. Dr Harper was finally contacted and able to provide me with a review.

I was pleased to receive a review which noted success in my formative feedback and coaching techniques. They are aspects of these visits that I try to maintain at a high standard.

Supervisor Accreditation

Supervisor accreditation recognises the teaching of individual Registrars in a practice situation. Our practice has been accredited for training with both ACRRM and RACGP.

I have been a supervisor since 1998.

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