Teaching Responsibilities

Currently I contract to do Medical Educator work with ACRRM Independent Pathway, and to provide Clinical Teaching Visits for Remote Vocational Training Scheme. I have an honorary position with the University of Wollongong.

I am also a supervisor for Remote Vocational Training Scheme.


I provide occasional lectures, during which I like to give the class activities to undertake, with the intention of maintaining their interest and concentration.

Formative Assessments

Most of my teaching time is spent on clinical teaching visits, which are formative assessments. I enjoy this facet of my work, working one on one with a Registrar to improve their skills and knowledge. I always learn something new myself during these sessions, or in researching an unusual presentation afterwards to assist the Registrar in caring for their patient.

Summative Assessments

I am part of the team providing Case Based Discussion Assessments for ACRRM.

Remote Teaching

I have a Remote Registrar in a town about 2 hours drive away. We usually communicate by teleconference, using Skype. We also use the instant messaging system for asynchronous communication.

Remote teaching offers many challenges. Whether conducted by telephone or videoconference, it requires good listening skills as well as excellent English skills, to be able to describe presentations and procedures in words which can be followed. Clinical visits to remote doctors involve many hours of driving but are very enjoyable. The Registrars are always very pleased to see a senior doctor, and appreciative of the time and effort taken to visit them.

Student Teaching

Our practice takes medical students from the University of Wollongong. I have been a Clinical Senior Lecturer for the Graduate School of Medicine since 2008. I share the teaching load with my colleagues. We have a parallel consulting system with the medical student. We did not take a student for the 2014-2015 year long placement because we were exhausted by our teaching in the previous year. We also have students on shorter placements from 2 to 4 weeks from a range of Australian universities.

Nursing students from Charles Sturt University come to the practice for short placements. I do not have a primary role in teaching them.

Registrars on remediation

A Registrar who has difficulty in maintaining their training progress will be placed on a remediation training loop intended to address their shortcomings. I will help them in preparing a new learning plan for the remediation period and provide additional assistance to the Registrar during that period. This will usually be done as remote teaching.

ref: GPET Remediation retrieved 13th Sep 15

In 2016 I started remediation teaching for Registrars on the ACRRM Independent Pathway.